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Baking with Honey Sits Down with Mary from Lola Granola Bar!

Baking with Honey Post

01/21/15 Read the article

Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge

Huff Post Article 4/16/14

Powered by Oats and Honey, Lola Granola Bars are delicious gluten free snack bars packed with all natural fiber, protein, Omega 3s, low in sodium, contain no GMOs, soy and dairy free, as well as, locally sourced ingredients. and 31g of 100% Whole Grains per bar!

Lola Granola Bars are enjoyed by Moms, Athletes, College Students, On the Go, Kids, and Grandparents. Grab one today and enjoy our delicious home made taste.

  • No Refined Sugars
  • No Hydrogenated Fats
  • No Gluten, Rice, Flour, Corn or Soy